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The perfect library exists and we are going to tell you how it has to be

The library is one of the fundamental pieces of most classrooms and libraries. A bookstore usually occupies a large part of the visual space of the environment where you decide to include them and they are able to put a bit of order and beauty, especially if you take care of some details.

For this reason, we want to help you create a perfect bookcase, to take into account how you can decorate it and to keep it always ready so that you put all the intention in which it goes according to the rest of your furniture and style.

The bookstore of your dreams
Decorate difficult gaps
If you have one in your living room , it will become your cover letter when you walk through the door. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to the type of objects that you are going to add so that each detail reflects your taste.

If you take into account the type of decoration of your home, you will be able to choose between the many alternatives that exist : from the simple wooden ones to the most colorful ones, going through the modern ones with light structures.

Put some order
Decorate with a bookcase
First, it is important that you consider that a library leaves everything in sight; In other words, you must take care of the order of everything you expose in it. Otherwise, it will look much less aesthetic and chaos will reign regardless of how tidy you have the rest of the room.

In this sense, it is worth remembering a truism: everything in its place. If you give all the objects a certain place, it will be easier for you to put them back in it, instead of having them roam around your house.

Another interesting guideline is that the objects that you use the most, you have them at the height of the hands if you bend them at a right angle. The heaviest at the bottom and place light pieces such as plants or personal details at eye level to beautify it.

Use tidy accessories to keep little things in place. For example, you can put some filing cabinets to keep your bills and matching boxes for small things, so you will have a storage space. Look at the wonders they have in Russell + Hazel.
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